Me and Jonah’s label has been retired. After a certain point we just stopped tallying. We continue to make music, to do things together, and separately. We call it what we will, or something else, or we don’t call it anything. IT’S ALL MASS DIST.


1. The Love Handlers
(Members of Devil Music) cdr Snuggle Tooth Records: Like Kiss in a Blender. Watchout for the screeching violin. ’98

2. No Peddlers “Warm”
Sandusky Records tape Mmbrs of USAISAMONSTER & Devil Music. Sensetive song stylists “Sounds like America” ’94

3. No Peddlers “Corn Smugglers”
Sandusky Records. 2x tape. Mmbrs of USAISAMONSTER & Devil Music.What the hell happened to these sensetive song stylists? ’97

4. No Peddlers “Dueling Psychos”
Sandusky Records. Mmbrs of USAISAMONSTER & Devil Music. Redundant and imperious, they’re best yet. cdr ’98

5. X-Members No Peddlers
Sandusky Records. Mmbrs of USAISAMONSTER & Devil Music. They broke up and did solo albums together 2x cdr ’99

6. No Peddlers “Live love in 97″
Reproductive Records. Cdr. Mmbrs of USAISAMONSTER & Devil Music. Boston label puts out its favorite band.

7. BullRoarer “We Cannot Hate We Can Only Love”
Reproductive Records, CD. Where did this band go? ’97

8. BullRoarer II
This record is done but can’t be sequenced until contractual disputes are settled. It was recorded in 1997 by the way.

9. P&L Railroad “Fry In Deep Fat Until Golden Brown”
Menatholic Records. Melissa and Cora wrote these amazing songs. Great country music & great packaging. Cdr. ’00

10. The Monkeys
Gramulon Records No not the Monkees but actual monkeys playing monkees covers (better). Members of Elvish Presley, P&L Railroad, Mastadon, Pornbelt, and Devil Music. CDR ’00

11. Blind Mitre Retrospective “Beyond our Abilities”
Baldyga Funeral Records. Southern style rockin that will never die. cdr ’00

12. Don Lennon / Godbois “Live at the Green st Grill”
Dwarf Hole Records cdr party’s, friends, men from mars, what more could you want? ’99

13. DonkeyDissaster / ACLSDC
White Tooth Records split Cdr -Rev. punk rock split with iron pumping acid freak rock&roll survivalists. ’99

14. DeerHoof / BullRoarer vs. Nautical Almanac
Broke up Records. CDr full of legendary noise bands from both coasts. ’99

15. Tanqueray / Jesus Chrust
RWL Records Glam cock rock and Goth crust metal on one split cdr. Also featured on the MassDist DVDR Comp. Check em out!!! ’00

16. Stems / Miagi
Gone Daddy Records Brilliant pop from the 70′s and collage punk from 2000. Split Cdr.

17. Question Band / Super Kyle
Nosuch Records Winner of Cannes Film Festival best sounds tracks for live performance theatre. split cdr ’00

18. Mr. Tonx “Experiments”
California Records.The Best solo project 4 – track style tape ever! Cdr. Recorded in Mexico and Southern California very high on bud and surfing. Take a trip to the Moon with this one. ’00

19. Kevin Purvis
NEOEON Records. Wandering Blues captured in the middle of a warm Virginia night. There is real emotion coming out of this recording. You can hear the pain and the silence of living in every track. Backing bongos by C-town. cdr ’00

20. Tuttle Music
Outerspace Music. Electronic sounds by a man just back from Europe. Mini cdr format so its extra cute. ’00

21. Jimmy Cousins
Goldman Records. ’98. Shrievport psycadelic guitar playing counrty style singing songs to remember. Extremely prolific folk singer travelling in the tradition of the greats. Everyone will one day know. Tape and cdr.

22. Elf P / Dada
Murkwood Records. Mini cdr. Elvish Presley’s first solo release. Who knew this faire lover would hit it so big with the Tolkein scene? ’99

23. Raw Dawg Rex & The Family Nadz
NEOEON Records. Cdr. A renegade prophet on the loose. He could be in your town right now!!! Last sighting was in the Jungles of New Zeland, flute communing with the wild Mushrooms. ’99

24. Stinky Treats “Stinky Beats”
HoodRat Records. Freshest hiphop straight outta tha suburbs of NYC. Yeeeah Boyeee. cdr ’00

25. Elvish Presley
Murkwood Records. Full length CDr of music inspired by music inspired by J.R.R. Tolkein. Hamrabooorrg. Black Elf Speaks followed released on Bulb records, and a new album called Grey Elf is soon to be released somewhere by someone. Keep in tune. ’00

26. 2000 Flushes
Random Records. Reid brothers genius home rockin of the 3rd kind. Perfect soundtrack for hashing. Why don’t we move the Burlington together and eat beer snow cones, snort pine cones, and live like bears? That is the question that most plauges my mind these days. Cdr. ’00

27. Devil Music
Renegade Records. One man incarnation makes a mixture of Can, funk from Lagos, and ambient noise for the withching hour. CD. ’00

28. GrandIsland “Overblower”
Stuper 8 Records Cdr Coolest record by Bostons coolest boy band ever featuring Charles Hancock ’00

Pudhouse Productions. Cdr Recorded after being a band for only 2 weeks. On its way to becoming a legendary noise record. ’00

30. U$AISAMONSTER “Soul Jerker 7 incher”
Pudhouse Productions. vinyl no longer available. This is the best 7 inch ever made! ’00

31. U$AISAMONSTER “Weed Blood”
Pudhouse Producitons. Mini CD EP. These guys put the stoner back into metal like nobody else. Comes with rolling papers. ’00

32. U$AISAMONSTER “Trippy yet Wholesome”
Pudhouse Productions. Cdr. This album is twangy country folk and southern rocking. Wow!! ’00

Pudhouse Productions. Colin on drums, Tom on bass, Sara Shapouri on Farfisa. Definitely a good moment in time for this band. Cdr. ’01

Pudhouse Productions. I have no idea what this is all about Yer gonna havta email them boyz ta find out.

Put out on vinyl by the good people at Infrasound. Lame Cdr version available thru Mass Dist. ’02

36. Open Mic Night
Redhouse Records CDR Featuring Crusty Craig, Tim Leanse, Matt Fatt, Joel, Sebastian, Pat, B-Wood, Hess Dog, Nylander, Hohmann, J-bone & everydrunkbuddy. ’02

37. Oh Fuck Flava Mix by DJ Skatalogical
Death Row Records – tape only bitch so you better get your heads cleaned, Yeeah!!!!!!!! ’02

38. New Millenium String Band
Wah Records. DVD movie/music experience Aliens land on earth and play earth covers their way. ’02

39. WACSAC / Beatles Medley
Queer Records. Cdr. Sun Ra style compositions split with the longest alphebetical Beatles medley ever. Nothing will ever be the same. ’02

40. MishMashMushMaxMegaMix
Ft. Thunders first comp. Great bands from absolutely everywhere. 3 Cdr’s in one of a kind packaging and costs 9 dollars. ’99

ONE Mass Dist sampler of the first twenty bands distro’d by us to you. Voted best mix CDr of 2001 by Rock Rag Mag. Why don’t you taste it?

C-towns mass marketing scheme featuring lots of massdist bands as well as a million other great bands. Double CDr ’02

43. Malabaster
Warehouse Magic from Winston Salem. REALLY GOOD. Silk screened packaging all done by Kemp hisself. Cdr. ’00

44. Maggotzoid “Retribution”
Hard Pidgeon Records brings you mind crunching metal from fuckin Boston bitch. Unbelievable. Recorded by the Exicutioner. cdr ’03

45. Poestenkill
Candy Stripper Records. Super Group that split into Shark Mountain and Ground Monkies. Special Bonus, this album comes with an extra cdr to be played simultaneously with the Poestenkill Cdr.

46. New Millenium String Ensemble I
Space Noise Records First record by this group. Sounds are many layers of acoustic strings over beats and samples. Beautiful stuff. Cdr. ’02

47. New Millenium String Ensemble II
Space Noise Records. Second record. More developed music, electrified strings, more samples, more beats. More!!! Cdr. ’03

48. Devil Music Ensemble “In C by Terry Riley Live”
Renegade Records. Cdr. Electric violin, guitar, cello, saxaphone, synthesizers, yadaki. DME rocks out the first minimilast piece composed in the 60′s. Its good. ’04

49. Shark Mountain EP
Snuggle Tooth Records. If you’ve ever loved the sound of a guitar singed reverb coil blasting out of a vintage 1969 Fender tube amp backed by drum bashing and bass smashing…you’ve got to have this cdr. ’04

Germ Records. Phenomenon Band from LA. Should be SST’s newest/oldest punk band. Shreaking, disjointed, cdr, beutiful, punk before it was. They hate cops to the MAX! Members of Major Stars, Dirty Rainbow, Dream House, Ganja, & Life Partners. ’04

51. Twiced-O
Electricity Records. Cdr. This is Somer Waters solo looping beutiful audience interactive electric cello one year travel tour project of amaziness. He is out there in his Suburban, blowing his and others people’s minds. ’04

52. Lazy Magnet / Ped Xing
7″ RWL/Sandusky Records. Jer (formerly of USAISA) &
C-town’s (presently of USAISA) split 7 inch (45 rpm). Soulful song stylings of the kind you’ve heard on USAISA IV, or some coffee house open mic ’04

53. Forx
Rollergirly Records. Cdr. Newest dead band reissue. Members of Bonzo (two drummer Zep karoke) and the guitarist, and bass player from Gold. Greatest music that ever came out of Mass Art. ’04

54. Gabe Boyer “Walking Stick”
Bunnycomb Records Cdr. This is a beutiful collection of songs recorded at Exile in NYC by Gabe and Eli McMurtrie. These songs make you fall in love, and then make you feel depressed about love ’04

55. MindFlayer “1999″
Mau Mau Records This is a rare release from MindFlayer from 1999. MassDist got the only remaining 30 cdr copies to distribute. Its so crazy, you must have it.

56. Martyr Miner #1
Martyr Miner Records (C-towns folk label). Cdr. This is acoustic music from Night Sound Seminar, B Wood, Jer Harris, & P. Meuke.
Really sweet songs. ’02

57. Sam Bikov
Martyr Miner cdr. This is a field recording made by C-town in Tucson AZ of an amazing Russian accordian-keyboard player, doing folk songs. Dance the night away! ’02

58. Hot Tang & Friends “Fried Alive”
Butt Bongo Recoreds. Finally the long awaited solo album by red hot drummer from RawDawg andthe Family Nadz. Special bonus videos by HT herself included on this CDR. ’04

59. DME Soundtrack to the “Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”
The most cherished horror film of the German Expressionist Movement. They’ve performed this in over 40 movie theaters across the country. Cdr. ’04

60. Bootleg This: The Worst of MassDist.
All the video footage you’ve been waiting for on one DVD-R. Elvish Presley, Maggotzoid, MindFlayer ..and so many more. ’04

61. Harry Fishpye & The Brown Sound
Folkwaze Records. Extremely rare recording from the 1930′s re-released on cDr for your pleasure. Eastern European Folk Stars from Krakow! ’04

62. DME “Live 12-17-04″
Renegade Records. Cdr. Live performance at Mass Art College in Boston. DME became a 40 piece orchestral ensemble & performed original works.

63. C-Town / AT
split 7″ Known mostly by his work in USAISAMONSTER,
C-town is also a solo acoustic guitar crooner of some note. This 7″ is a split with AT formerly of both Necronimitron and USAISA. ’05

64. Devil Music Ensemble “Big Stakes”
DVD Super rare silent western comedy from 1922. Recorded in 20′s era Cracklephonice. Action, Romance, the KKK, Mexican Jumping Beans, and Deadly Lizards. ’05

65. Devil Music “Go!”
Newest Rock record! CD”…a relentless rock effort, loaded with noise, shifting time signatures, chants, riffage and, most importantly, a huge sound.” Joe Keohane, Weekly Dig. ’05

66. DME “Nosferatu a symphony of horror”
DVD First scariest silent vampire film by F.W. Murnau 1922 with original spine tingling soundtrack by the DME. You will spill your popcorn!!! ’06

67. Devil Music/Gold Split 7″
1st vinyl for DM, split with like minded Boston rockers, Gold. X-members of Forx. Eclectic DM rock sounds while Gold makes wierd metal that you want to hear. ’05

68. Filthy La Bottom
PeePee Records. The long awaited full length CDr from the dirtiest home- bum rapper ever. Feat beats and mo’ rhymes from L.L.CoolJ.K., & inhuman beatboxing by Chuck Wood. ’05

69. Devil Music “Feat. Alex/Heavy Metal Crew”
split CDr. 10 year old guitar ace, backed up by the DM rock band. Blistering metal riffs, Misfits loving, homework hating athems from grade school. Split with tape of little kids jamming found at a thrift store. ’06

70. Fat Day Poop EP
100% Breakfast. 7” Finally MassDist is Distro-ing world famous Fat Day. Nerdiest best Chimp Rock from the vaults of loud music, totally unbelievable!! ’05

71. Kakuhanki
7″ Vinyl Comp from Japan Labor LTD Records. Features Fat Day, Cosmic Babylon from Japan, Bilge Pump from UK, Velocityut from Japan, and Wagplaty from Japan. ’06

72. Heat Retention Records #7
7″ Featuring music by Ground Monkey’s, Mouthus, Dosdedos, & Tan As Fuck. ’05

Sandusky Records. 1st 6 releases from 2000 and 2001.
Folk, noise, improv, rock, art, stoner, experimental classics. All on on one tape!!!! 122 minutes!!! ’05

74. Monogamous Octopus / Bisexual Genghis Khan
Sandusky Records. Split tape between 2 one nite only bands featuring Colin on both sides playing with members of Animental and Awesome Color. Noise and George Michael covers. Art by Matthew Thurber. ’05

75. Bullroarer Discography
Sandusky Records. The 7″, 1st cd, and the second unreleased album on 110 minute tape. Tom, Colin and JK freak out noise rock ’90′s boston style, but doing their own thing and loving it. ’05

76. Colin Gustave Langenus “Live Loop Handsignal Improv Conduction”
Sandusky Records tape. recorded on dude tour ’05. Unlistenable noise w/ guitars, bass, and drums featuring Billy Newman,Jimmy Cousins, Uke of spaces, Lazy Magnet Jeremy, and A.T.

77. The Best of Olney
Sandusky Records. Cousins, Beckman, Taber, Francisco, Harris, and Langenus. Tape. 42 minutes of songs recorded live in Dec. ’05. Only the best and most pop of this 2 hour live show. Who knew members of Max Noi Mach, Impractical Cockpit, Buddy Ship, Attitude Problem, and USAISAMONSTER played country? ’05

cassingle 14 minutes of edited improv on undistorted 6 strings, loop pedals, and jews harp. recorded nov ’06. Eric Boros also spends his time playing guitar in Vialka from Canada.

79. KitesIsAmonster / UsaIsAMudboy
Split tape featuring music of Kites (Load Rec.) w/USAISA and Mudboy (Bread&Animals) with USAISA. Basically USAISA mining the talents of Providence make your own machines fun/squall/cramstand/Olney living art spinners. Good stuff. ’07

Sandusky Records tape. 2 one time only live drone jams from the monster recorded onto handheld tape recorder in new york city 2007 after a weekend seeing Jonathan Kane, Badgerlore, and Rhys Chatham.

81. Nature Boy Discography
Sandusky Records.Funky bluesy. lyrics contain the classic lines “tiffany and me got freaky with the motor oil” and a new interpretation of John Lennon’s imagine “imagine all the people turning into light” If you are a Jimmy Cousins fan, you need to have this. Tape. ’08

82. Federal Roosters aka Lance Romance
Sandusky Records. Lance is another crazy guy from Providence, Rhode Island. His thing is surf ’50s style dance craze songs but with endless psychadelic noise jams throughout.His killer back up band on this tape features Nate (Mouthus) Matt (Talibam) and Colin (Usaisamonster). ’08

83. Bisexual Ghengis Khan “Making Love After Midnight”
Sandusky Records. 60 minute cassette from michael T (Awesome Color, Violent Ramp, Weirding Module) and Colin L. 2nd release from this band. Suprisingly rather listenable sounds and noise and beats featuring indian horn, cat synth, computer and more. ’08

84. Colin and Deya
Folk songs in 2002. A Little Dab Will Do You Records Cdr. Its totally fucked and pretty and theres alot of copy songs like rock around the clock and runaway. The covers are hand made with dripped paint and cut out hearts.

85. Langenus / Holehouse
Split 7″ C-Town and Tim from england – 300 copies. This is the 3rd in a series of split 7″s featuring pretty solo songs a friend’s pretty songs. Silk screened covers by Barbara Schauwecker. Bluesy, Droney, Noisy, Psychy, Folky. ’08

86. Babylongdong / Butt Buddies Forever
Sandusky Records. One nite only bands both featuring C-town and Sara Shapouri (Animental,Usaisamonster, Red Wizard). C-town and Sara have done a million bands over our 10 year friendship. This finally is their first release. Tape. ’08

87. Devil Music Ensemble “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde”
DVD. First best American Horror film starring John Barrymore with original score by the DME. Transformation scenes most famous for lack of camera tricks! ’08

88. Big K “Strawberry Island”
Sandusky Records. Follow up to Bisexual Ghengis Khan “Making Love After Midnight”. This is a noisey inspiration/dedication to Shuggie Otis. Tape. ’09

89. Carcinogenic Static Carnival
CDR and tape. first release by Brooklyn powerhouse noisey funk jam band. Guitars, horns, keys, flutes, percussion, long sloppy funk laden freakouts killing it ala 1970′s black acid trippers. Not to be sneezed at. ’10

90. Henry Cease with Tom & Colin “Testing 1, 2, 3 Testing”
CDR and tape. Bed-Stuy vetran Henry Cease classic black rockin roll medley guitar and B playing tunes that started it all. Move over white rock imitators this is the real soul with USAISAMONSTER on bass and drums. ’09

91. Langenius Son of Beethoven / Colin L High as Hell
Split CDr of hand signal noisey orchestra led by Colin L (beginners classical music) split with ungodly scunge music noise time garbarge sounds collab with famous rock friends. ’09

92. The Cheese “Els Conills Salten La Bardissa”
Ozono Kids Records. Arnau and Mau of Les Aus. Guitar and drum angular scratchy rock time with fast stuff and exciting bits recorded and in Barcelona. ’10

93. Les Aus “Haranna Hanne”
Ozono Kids Records. Some Os Mutantes sounds happening as well as more comfortable with themselves rock toon original experimentation with the fun of the Cheese (formerly of) left intact. ’10

94. Jonah Rapino “Music for String Quartet”
Hardcore Records. Original compositions by DME violinist for string quartet. Cdr contains a 4 movement piece called Hardcortet (inspired by Shostakovich), and other individual tunes written over the years. ’10

95. Jonah Rapino “High”
Hardcore Records. Cdr. Compostions which were started for the Documentary” New World Order” but never developed, now turned into a new creation onto themselves. 1st solo album by J. Rapino since NMSE II in 2004. Music to get High to. ’11

96. Handheld Recordings “Ethiopia 2009/Southern Tribes Derashe & Wolaita live at Alliance Francaise”
Hardcore Records. 2 Cdr set of handheld recordings taken in Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar, & Gondor Ethiopia summer 2009. Lots of traditional indigenous music. MassDist Explorers Series II.

97. DME Orchestra “Live at the Pozen Center”
Return of the 40 piece community orchestra. Works by Wood, Patterson, Rapino, Utzinger, and more. Cdr. ’11

98. DME “Soundtrack to Red Heroine”
CD. The only surviving silent Kung Fu Film from Shanghai China 1929. Highlights from their new original score. ’11

99. CSC Funk Band – Racket
Many piece C-town Brooklyn All Star Funk Band Extravaganza. On tour soon with Greg Ginns Blues Jam Bang Band. Cdr. ’12

100. Finding 2000
Hardcore Records. DVDR Documentary about J-bone and C-Towns’s 1999 Y2K road trip adventure trying to find the soul of the Millenium and themselves. Includes audio soundtrackCD by NO Peddlers. Mass Dist Explorers Series I.

101. Boils
Sandusky Records. Cdr. Resurected from a video tape of No Peddlers CD release party show at the Green St. Grill in Cambridge where the Boils opened up the evening. Southern rock done right ’12

102. Shades
Sandusky Records. First release since the Dada-Elf P split record. NYC artist, skater, clothing designer, and mix tape master has put together a collection of sounds that will infect yer ear hole. Cdr. ’12

103. Corndawg “Indian Bootleg CDr”
Made in Dehli India. Corndawg who recently relocated to Nashville is Blowing up! Recently on tour with Dean Ween, and has performed live on the Grand Ol Oprey Radio show. ’09

104. Jimmy Cousins “City Sunset”
Latest record by Loiusiana Krooner. A high end production by studio wizard Colin L. Once you listen, you will get hooked. cdr ’10

Electric Cowbell 7″ Brooklyn heavy psych noise funk. They’ve toured and jammed with Greg Ginn’s (Black Flag) jam band. Vaporized! ’12

106. Berbere Superstar “The Best Things are never Recorded”
Hardcore Records. Produced and recorded in Ethiopia and Tanzania in 2011. Dance beats, handheld recordings, trad africa music samples and ridiculous violin solos. Includes hand held recordings made while traveling around East Africa. cdr

107. Handheld Recordings Asia 2012
Hardcore Records. Third edition of the MassDist Exploreres series. Cdr. Recordings made in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, & Japan during a Devil Music/Berbere Superstar tour of Asia in March and Arpil of 2012.