hey. i’ve been quiet but i’ve been busy. finished a bunch of stuff i’ll talk more about later but…


…finally. its up on this website’s audio page and on which is an amazing site full of amazing things. i got a ton of stuff up there.

take care. colin

bunch more massdist on the free music archive


we uploaded a bunch more classic massdist records onto the free music archive. old solo records, jonah, rap, cool stuff…

easy to download or stream. for free. enjoy!

thx to FMA for hosting it. and thx to nor spy for uploading!

CALI Tour FEb 2013

yo hi. i’m going on tour in CA with RESIDUAL ECHOES in february. right soon. tour dates are up on the ‘shows’ page. c’mon out! if u out there. thx.

happy winter

Hope you all are having a good winter.

Alot going on. Same old. Doing my thing.

My new Rap Album is out. Available for free here:

COL is out. Working on a new Orchestra record. And a solo album of a bunch of short songs. A new CSC Funk Band record is in production. Alien Whale record is almost in production. And the Ramsden record is almost almost in production.

And other stuff I’m not gonna talk about now.

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hey! alls well. alot going on.

COL comes out Oct 9!

Orch tour Oct 9 – 20!

Euro Tour in Nov!

New Usaisa outtakes album I worked hard on out in October too!

New this! New that! is way better than me in keeping up the web posting. please check in with them for updated tour dates etc…

Below I posted credits, notes, and descriptions of COL…

and i updated the lyrics page with COL…

I hope y’all have a nice fall. Maybe I’ll see ya. thx!

COL – description

COL is what people call me when they know me really well. COL is a 65 minute psychedelic concept record. COL is the 3rd and last part of a trilogy I started some 5 years ago. Along with Infinite Ease and Good God, these records were designed to showcase my mellower pop jam band yacht rock side. But COL takes it one step further. I made this record for me. It resembles some of my favorite records growing up like JImi Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland, The Beatles’ White Album, Beastie Boys’ Check Your Head, Ween’s Chocolate and Cheese, or Living Colour’s Times Up – records with multiple genres, real epic journeys, schizophrenic rides. From pop to country to noise to psych to oldies and even a little rapping we do everything that makes up Col the man on COL the album.

COL – Liner Notes

Thanks to Deya, Eli, Northern Spy, and the musicians!!!
And thanks to Babby, Emi, and Andy for lending equipment!!
More thanks to Raphael and Max for mixing notes!

All songs written by Colin Langenus
except Mendo Blues written by Colin Langenus and Eli Winograd
2012 Langenus Music BMI
Produced by Colin Langenus except Mendo Blues produced by Eli Winograd
Mixed by Eli Winograd
Mastered by Heba Kadry at The Lodge
All Art by Deya Ramsden
Cover Photo by Liz Schnore
All Other Photos by Jack Ritchey
Layout by Adam Downey

#1 basics recorded at Shea Stadium by Adam Reich
#2, 3, 4, 5, and 10 basics recorded at St. Cecilia’s by Eli Winograd
#6 recorded by Ben Greenberg, Jeff Mott, Eli Winograd, Dre Skull, David Whiteman, Andy Puls, and Gregg Might
#7 and 11 basics recorded by Colin Langenus at his home in Queens
#8 basics recorded at Python Patrol by Ben Greenberg
#9 recorded at Java St. by Colin Langenus
#12 recorded at Java St. by Eli Winograd
Additional recording and mixing done at Java St.
Additional editing and mixing by Max Hodes

The great musicians on this record are in other great bands too! Some of these are:
Guardian Alien, Extreme Animals, Bow Ribbons, Black Cosmic Mother, Thunderheart, Invisible Circle, Two Prong, CSC Funk Band, Hard Bodies, Monte Vista, Driphouse, Horse Spirit Penetrates, Devil Music, A Magic Whistle, and Talibam. Check them out!

C and P 2012 northern spy records


To Into

Drums – Allie Klein
Percussion – David Ramsden
Bass – Eli Winograd
Gutar – Pete Vogl and Wes Buckley
Keys – Casey Glover
Vocals and Guitar – Colin Langenus


Drums – Sebastion Paulson
Bass & Keys – Jesse Lent
Gutars and Vocals – Colin Langenus

Told Ya

Drums – Will Berney
Bass – Eli Winograd
Violins – Jonah Rapino
Percussion – Jimmy Thomson
Gutars – Max Hodes, Pete Vogl, and Wes Buckley
Keys – Daren Ho, Matt Mottel, and Dave Kadden
Vocals, Gutars, and Keys – Colin Langenus


Drums and Percussion- Jimmy Thomson
Bass and Vocals – Jesse Lent
Guitars and Vocals – Colin Langenus

Forty One

Drums – Jimmy Thomson
Bass – Jesse Lent
Guitars, Vocals, and Percussion – Colin Langenus

Mendo Blues

Drums – Allie Klein and Will Berney
Percussion – Jimmy Thomson
Bass and Drum Machine – Eli Winograd
Gutar – Brendon Wood, Pete Vogl, Max Hodes, Kieren Lally, and Wes Buckley
Keys – Dave Kadden and Matt Mottel
Guitars and Vocals – Colin Langenus
Music around 7 minutes to 7:30 by Andy Puls
Music around 7:30 to 9 minutes by Dre Skull
Music around 9 minutes to 10:30 by David Wightman
Music around 11:30 to 11:45 by Jonny Corndawg
Music around 12 to 14 minutes by Gregg Might


Midi, Field Recordings, and Vocals – Colin Langenus

Always Be

Drums – Allie Klein
Percussion – Jimmy Thomson
Bass – Eli Winograd
Guitar – – Brendon Wood, Pete Vogl, Max Hodes, and Wes Buckley
Keys – Dave Kadden, Daren Ho, and Matt Mottel
Guitars, Keys, Midi, and Vocals – Colin Langenus

Naked Angel

Guitar – Colin Langenus

Out Peace

Drums – Greg Fox
Bass – Eli Winograd
Shahi Baaja – Turner Williams
Guitar and Vocals – Colin Langenus
Vocals – Alex Drewchin

Long Nut

Midi and Vocals – Colin Langenus

No Bridge

Drums – David Ramsden
Bass and Jews Harp – Eli Winograd
Guitar and Vocals – Colin Langenus
Keys – Dave Kadden

hula hoop

its SPRING 2012…. COL is almost done and out…. FRIENDS AND HEROES done…. lyric anthology on deck… out col – 2 more to go…. working on funk band recording, alien whale LP, folk album, new songs, new bands, gigs, got a list of stuff i’m crossing off…. have a good one…thx, colin

New Website!

I’m so happy to unveil ColinLangenus.Com !

Glad you stopped by!

Thx so much to Northern Spy for helping set this up!

Enjoy, theres hours of stuff to do…