Proven Recording is taking off!

I have been having a blast recording tons of awesome folks at Proven Recording.

Check the Proven Recording page for more info.

Tries: Audio For Video

Newly released music!

On the audio page of this website is a cover version of Hold On (I’m Coming) with the CSC Funk Band rhythm section, Debo Band horns, and the incomparable Jessi Olsen on vocals. We recorded this a couple years ago for a Superbowl commercial, got the day rate, but didn’t get the gig.

And also there is a new collection of music I’ve put together called Tries: Audio For Video. Its a compilation of all the original music my friends and I made with the hopes of being placed in commercials or videos in 2013 and 2014. It’s 29 songs, all over the map, and showcases a specific period of time and space in my songwriting process.

Conquistador L is born

Hello scrollers,

I made an EDM album called Forays under the name Conquistador L.

Link on the audio page.

Hopefully one more record later this year.

I love music!


New Colin L Orchestra tapes available from FPE Records! So stoked.


Hello everybody.

It’s winter, early 2015.

I have 2 new records!


I’m very proud of them. I spent a lot of time on PROVEN.

It’s on the Buy and Audio page of my website.

I’d love for you to check it out.

Have a great year.



Things are busy! I’m working on 3 new albums, and that’s, like, the funnest thing for me. They should be done by the end of the year.

Alien Whale has a new record out and I started a Discogs site to try and sell this merch under my desk.

Links are on the BUY page.

I updated the site with a bunch of new Audio and Video links. Enjoy! Thanks for the time.

Ramsden Record Done

Hello. Happy Spring!

I hope I made your favorite record for the spring of love. RAMSDEN! Me and my brother in law David wrote nice songs together, and Eli is on there too…. The record is up on the Audio page of this website. It’ll be around.

You have a good one!

Happy 2014

Hello. Happy New Year and a great 2014 to you and yours.

I cleaned up and added a bunch to the Video page -
A ton of my favorite youtube stuff easy to access and enjoy I hope.

I’m working on the RAMSDEN album and am writing new music for guitar and piano,
but I’m taking my time with these projects. I”m gonna try and use a slow pace
to get deeper into the material.

Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when it’s all done and out.

Thanks for listening!


hey everyone.

i got a new video! ESPANIA! its up on the front page of the website, and on youtube. its a minute long – check it out!

i got 3 new records up online – BITS AND BOBS, SHOW YOUR WORK, and 41 FOLK SONGS VOL. 1.
they’re up on bandcamp, and on the audio and buy page of this website. for free or donation.
live a little! give a little!


2013 MP3 CDR

hello. i finished 6 albums so far this year. umm yeah thats alot, but i did it on purpose. i wanna try some other things in my life and didnt want this unfinished music hanging over my head. so i busted my hump, had a lot of fun, and got it all done. all’s well. we’ll see what happens…

i don’t know yet who what how where all this music is gonna go, but for now i’ve compiled a 96 song MP3 CDR to give to friends and the musicians on the recordings and, hell, to who ever wants it. get in touch and i’ll send you one.

Colin Langenus – Bits And Bobs
Colin L. Orchestra – Show Your Work
Colin Langenus – 41 Folk Songs Vol. 1
Colin L. Orchestra – Out Col
CSC Funk Band – Funkincense
Alien Whale – Space Tan

6 albums. 96 songs. 1 MP3 CDR. it plays on most cd players and is all good to go for your computer too.