Overdoing the myth
Or doing that thing my thing
Skiing and slaying sleeing sailing
All’s along
Maybe got a spike
Maybe get more
About it all
Going crossing
Another big every day
Something crazy
Good shape
Feel a lil
But a lil
Just a lil
Nice excuse
Leave the woods
Nothing too much
Very low key
Hardly feels
The good side of it
I am loved
Not a bad maybe
Napped nothing manic
Rainy day blew by
Well enough
Enjoyed myself
Tmrw another one
Things moving
Just starting
Next couple few
Great opportunities
Getting somewhere
Gotta get there
May look good in hind sight
Tired trick
Terrible deep pain
Wish me luck
Do I need help
It’d be huge
Fools coming up
I worry people worry
I gotta collect myself
When I go I’m gone
Sometimes something
But mine is deep
Another big
Then again
Its dark out there
All new everything can’t wait
Every once in a while you can
Relax and tune in
For shits and giggles
A couple stops
Pretty good already spent
But you’ll use the mind adrenaline to push thru
Almost there not almost in it
I’m lost passing thru
A big one
You’ll do fine
Waiting time down the drain
Sleep no sleep
Going doing be coming
Another morn
Not much to report
There’s plenty
Should be easy
Upset I gotta
Hopefully day will go fast
I need it to
Living for that nap
I think I got what I needed
They’re in the way
Can’t help it
Don’t know how
Good for them
I’m the man everybody knows that
Good luck out there
Full time the whole time
That’s more for me
But it’s all coming along
Will be over
Will be over
Will be coasting
I don’t do right
What do I give off
In essence over sensitive
Trying to make sense
Doing my best
Good shape
Make it count
So slow I just missed
I got hot
Still hot
Must be something
I gotta be careful today
You in the way or something
Stay outta harms way
Be careful today
Don’t touch peoples’ shit
Don’t throw weight around
Weird moon maybe
For now no great fatigue
Maybe I got enuf time to do it all
And not too too
So far all signs point toward
Doing whatever I want
Almost a normal guy
Oh the shit I’d do when I’d be drinking
So close
On the list
Getting lazy
So close
Not as much fun anymore
Give or take
Just in case
Hand over fist
Timing works and whatever else
Still waiting
Standing alone
Black myth ghost
Got this down
Everybody doing what they want
Bringing me back up to about nothing
Progress you can see
Gonna make millions
It was a long dream
Walking around crying because it was so beautiful
Lil bit of a wash
Limbo esque
Broke forgot
Brain couldn’t grasp too much
Too far ahead
Who knows what
My list is naked
And a million errands
Just flew out of my hand
Landed understanding
Luckily laughing
I’m cooked
Not much maybe a lot a ton
Nothing nothing
Didn’t do much
Got thru it all
Forms are there
Get as close to the original truth as I can
Then let go
Let it be what it becomes
Why why
Still infected
My new thing
Nit picking
Just getting ready
Fuck all of a sudden
It’ll be fine but
It’ll be trying
But I try
That’s my thing
Then then then
A lot til then and beyond
Just action
A lil spooked
Always been
But I get a lot done
Fuck it
Not much help
If all goes well
I always look at people
New Yorkers are alone
Pry repeating myself
Deep inside myself
Can’t see tmrw
Time to bow out
Ain’t unsure
But feel the fun
Can’t stop feeling the fun
More time
Less time
Or not
Or not
Or not
Tire of thinking about it
Wish I wish
I didn’t wish a thing
But to get home safely
Can’t do it all staring brain dead
Nothing for a few days
Halfway ok
Real life seems daunting
When all is caught up
And doing something different
The veil is lifting
But I ain’t ready
Not much there
Can almost am almost
Whatever you want to call it
All new right away
See what fills it
Either way its time
Conversations predictions
Well see what happens first
Looking forward to enacting
Instead of reflecting
Way too ordered
Way too ahead
A fine evening fun
Low heart rate
Seems like a tough business
Not for me
At this point
After forgetting so many
Rain outs
Going well
Done for the day
Now I’m off
Sun is beautiful
And now it’s going
What a day
What a nite
What a life
2nd glass of red
Time on my hands
You did it
I look forward to them
Minor or major
Not desperately tired
More a lot more and take off
Nothing about nothing
Lil wine lil more
Random newness
A lot to get done
And just maybe might do it
Then the next
Back to being
Hopeful smoothly get out
Got get
Don’t know my today
Time will move faster
Last week of this life
You ass kicking kick ass mofo
A lot of space
Back it up and get it out
Take a minute
Keep hammering
Not really will be time but yeah
I’m gloomy
I’m sure I look it
Gotta stay resigned
No animation is not my natural state
For some shit coming up
How am I gonna pull this off?
Sick of being but gonna be
Hell I should have by then
Butter on a roll
They will know
Over and out
Another corner turned
Find and make too
Something or another
No time for that now
Pry slow
Got noice in place
Took hours
Big work
New hell new
It’s time out of time
Taking forever
Everything takes forever
I’m not sure what to do with my time
I got a lot to do
Run thru it thoroughly
This is the one you may have to go back to
This is the best part
We’ll see when we
Gentle squeeze
Who knows
Our little fantasies
Victory lap
Once we got one down the other should be easy
I don’t think I can
A lot of weird band aids
Still fixing
Getting ready
Almost there
Here we go
Tmrw who knows
Maybe hopefully
We’ll see who knows
Getting almost done
Got a second to kill so fuck it
Screwy day
But it gotta be
We’re getting there
Keep it up full now move
A min to kill
Hell no I will
I won’t
Fly by day
But had to
But over all quite something


That ain’t all babe leisure is loud can’t beat life run thru it there’s a certain point when things get weird still dreaming isolation backfire gotta turn it over but hell I will what you can when you will doing what they sposed to oh well I can take it I’m blanked I did it got to zero yay light I’m did in put me away still always a ways a lot to go hugenesses hanging over me’s big all this all ain’t all that nobody cares but nobody’ll be there nextness then more nextness more what but it ain’t easy ooh scary but hell who knows back at em so much so much that’s about right didn’t couldn’t too much nada and soon the lights will go off forget all of this sleep til you wake you stare at something else do something else wish me luck warming up no not yet not needing seeing for hours hearing things fucking not satisfied I guess fucking sick of being wish I wasn’t happy when it wakes been a long time never again fuck if I’m on the right too far in the too far out on top a calling harsh here haha hilarious what keeps me what keeps me it’ll take care of itself I wanna be should be will be fucking gotta I need something stronger a break from pace don’t retread weird not weird all noise all night crawling along a million unfolding unwritten yet named no understanding get busy keep tinkering that’s the only way to go do other things keep listening don’t dally but don’t rush not great cause well nothing but it’ll come goddamn it nothing right now it can’t not happen cause its happening no more dooms day no more bullshit weird dude I gotta go redo restart woozy faint weak tired bullshit bout good now smoking down here high low punched around guilty of nothing and all of it at the same time is it my way is it my way at all not sure what’s gonna happen but wanna define give it parameters rage at least control it control at least at last wave fuck kinda fell but turned out played well enough even when you don’t even burn or you burn same to me she’s happy I’m happy still a little undetermined jump at a job looks like I’m out it’ll be then so fast good easy peeling layers tons of new til I whatever find somewhere to be get out but still get a couple should be happy this is nowhere time chipping away days no biggies but some work got done half nervous half thinking sorry babe I’m busy perfection touched beyond your confidence is not contagious alone surrounded by people I don’t know em fuck em fuck me but maybe just tired definitely tired more here or some nothing almost almost then more look forward pass roll along fucking awesome a day of a day of nothing but love and relaxation engineering creation for chrissake gotta stay silent not intrude not affect even encourage it’s perfect without you cause you got hours left you’ll hate it somehow oh no I hope not can’t believe I got no idea unless perfect definitely definitely the wind is blowing the right way on the way a lot going thru the future the past the patterns the formulas almost done get em over with shift that’ll be fun fill it out be good extra great having happy try to make something happen happy a lil did good got had happy on the way always thought I was but I am just words come out as words still breathing studying coughing sweating a lil early time plus soon off one way or another pump and plan plotting doesn’t look too bad thism pry this’ll be done first all this bout all that actually is nothing look at everything take your time wake up and walk head on to the desert road too muddy hike around go go back wade thru freezing river scheme breeze too green quiet windy eucalyptus utopia


Proven any minute
Ruined by the wrong
And the white light runs all night long
Not fooling anyone
Remember lost days passing time
I saw my whole life flashing by
I thought I thought of everything
I proached my pawn to king
Beelzebub sing sing see saw
How long living things til they gone
I float around without oxygen
I stumbled pon path with meaning


I don’t wanna be back there hot too
Two down one to go making got to
I get to keep most of my today
Tomorrow I get to keep it all
Killing five in stupid town
Sposed to lil rain a lot of reigning
And this whole transformation
Be good and bad moments
And more allusions but not today
Got a card just gotta cause I am
So I got to gotta do
Stay up I am I’m up right now
But working it thru its up to you
Sweating but fine and not sure why
I really have no idea
Get that done so you can use it
Shit buh dip buh dip dip
You like it old man
Pass out accept reject
Slow burn sell job by job
Underway it is a slow go
Slower goer it’ll be O.K.
Nice brain pick nick
She don’t even blink


I’ve become a falling star
Mama can you hear me scream
Aww it ain’t what it seems
Roman candle blown apart
Washed away the galaxy
Set adrift in distant seas
Mama help me find my heart
Give me something they can’t steal
I am not sure what is real
Fall apart and fall real far
I do not know what it means
It is only fever dream
I’ve become a falling star
Mama can you hear me scream
It is only fever dream
I’ve given up some more of my old power
Going on going on busy busy
Look forward something to do
You love sick runnin’
Pulling in order to master everything
Keep listening listen again god bless em
Smiling the time of my life is looking up
Work itself out it is a perfect moment
Make happy here til we see re re re


Mistakes learning coming together
Slow but sure redo again and again
Time more time just me and myself
And my other selves elves
When yer sober you might as well work
Need to fluff up pry not
Raining cold undressed pissed
Working man gotta work everyday
Almost broke my back in three places
Pry better for it but maybe lost my chance
Need a half do it twice then you’ll see
Same order same quaking
Then we’re gonna then we’re gonna then we’re gonna
Maybe then maybe not then maybe a thing
Guess it’s gonna work whatever
Thunderstorm the day is done
Too cold to to want to airing place out
Thinking bout the future but not thinking about
The worst aspects of the future
Well that’s one good thing
Time is not precious early start blank after
Good though got a little a little out of the day
We’ll see the rest which company
Lighten up experiment
So far so so and soon I bet I will
Get get just left taking em out
It’s a wash still winding out but not yet
So far sorta somewhat
You gotta take one for another
Bring progress surprising unknown
New things threw out a lot the goal
Realigning some memories power
Keep cranking keep hanging keep me
Almost time sure is time different now
Same but not time not time steamroller


Two sides but not tonight cleaning catching crossing these are all just the sides
cooped up if there’s a window take it these nights need all days in em
abyssfinity mines round the bend hanging by a thread
float and play more new shapes sounds
a lot mind a lot my dunna mellow and expansive
don’t feel too bad or bad enough feel sorry for self
sitting high blind sleep and death more songs breakdowns
ancient plans it’ll all be all right people love me I’m busy
I’m lucky and not alone but it is back and it’ll help going forward
supposedly got to a point faced points limits couldn’t jump stopped
will never get to it all staring within I’m always within too much too late
weirder things haven’t happened have a heart lets make up play house
everything is under way almost good
I feel so rough I can’t even feel mind blaring easy take it
home is warm and love and that’s it back to wild business
sort it out get some done but easy that’s three in a row
before it explodes not really not prepared not many so far thus far
both will suffer but both will shine am I sticking out too far
am I stepping out of line little degraded dirt removal company get the sore outta me
get it slurring but peace for today vice grip screws the impossible
and uncomfortable for minor successes too raw for too clean
raw for no reason can’t see can’t be no more all the time
refuges for the do nothings refugees respite there’s got to me more of it
there’s got to be more to say great moves into oblivion it gets like this
just really get by quite quiet nobody yelling outside bound to be spent
words I don’t understand hungry and focused blurry really nausy nausies
so much swimming in my head trying to get over the mountains
so we can work on these hills take reigns of this or quit
cleaning up past messes even beautiful ones
it is the last minute but it is the last minute do what you can syndrome
dealing sorting wading at the beginning WEIRDO IN A WEIRD WORLD
hard to finish still trying still sending always working blood on the boom box
a little and a lot white and hot a lot floating that’s the anti catch
its pretty mint got what it takes weak bleak black what I’m doing
had to be held colonel curveball you look like a dollar
get me home safe and safely good ideas jesus jamming
celebrate never no money tore tired show your teeth
evolved beyond tempo whatever be damned sorta realist gotta stop
but I’m trying not to lie and I’m trying maze lost play alone
to make til the next ones work til work no money til no money
give back give back realization regrets zooming and zoning
I can’t trust my head and I can barely see life so loud light bulb addict
looping skipping whispering keep it undefined alone gone not sleeping
it’s far too late to listen the phone should ring flatten motivation
trying to live fat queen a lot to do it’ll be hard either way physics removed
non truths side by side with truths thin air is intense things come to me
I gotta find a place for things to go minutes too slowly would maybe still
collapse and gather just got good warmed up caught a break curmudgeon
not listening but you know you got to hammer learn bunt at best
last stab rage rash being right and right on forget fights no buts
time down and time on brain is like the weather waked faked
this is that and that is this dominoes like life forget it late and behind
and hell tired alls all right if or when deuce dos new knowingness
totally different darting and not any easier fuss enough conquered a couple
but no grammys just grannies and babies pre k big day no biggie no nothing
step outside worry bout the city too much energy sirens sighs ignoring signs
some are worth it stare into space it’s where I go I’m on my knees in Queens
planning and planning not primming or trimming well I know tomorrow
done knowing more rest and do less it might be hard not worth it
nothing for nobody but hey never was some sorta normal and out pry already out
never really in lots to do up and out up on out hoping it sticks dig in take on three a days
tonight not nothing yet tomorrow bored never bored again some what not today
everything I’m able throw worry out the window anything the worse the better
elevator dream who I’m back for not sure so little for so much do over day
what matters wetter water quickly disposed maybe they’ll turn white
watching men work a lot alone face the city trying to try working on work
get raw done the time is the time make a mental minute
and something will come up be done then stew tweak and get on
energy bubbling my blind it’s all I can do gonna do everything
so its gonna be a lot hurricane mind on fire tunneling into timelessness
do it all and win flush and be done tweaking retaking tons of turns there’s time
but I prefer decisions to answer themselves raw material forevermore this shit fits
time share mismanage cramming in tons into a little with a lot learn to be less
just points sharp points few and far between not a wall but a curve
tomorrow ain’t today writing for no reason broke blokes
sometimes it’s winter in the Caribbean scrape myself up get ugly
dabble babble building blocks cold stiff arm handed but I don’t care
do my own fair share good spirits patience vacation I’m gonna believe forever
it’ll be years pry not much different I’m over it so over it
lost 3 words get gone should be good stress less don’t stop for nothing
dis miss no matter what happens no vague promises disgusting missing it
not ready to clean up count the money sleep and zone don’t even wanna
thinking and thinking not thinking there’s nothing there shitty myth
this should be fine good things for good pre opinions ready ready
hell and hatred can’t say I care violent violet smoke billowing out the window
getting a lot of good done need more need a move black mysteries
difference different I can never understand fully formed bring joy
I never pay stand up stupid over thinking whore wow loose
near ugly on purpose who you I don’t pretend outlandish
my week is where I’m at little doing lot of nothing enjoy it fool it’s easy
doesn’t amount to much either a lot done to do I’m floating in the future
my heads ahead heart attack great silly ridiculous sick or used to sick
obsessed space abscess shit I don’t give a shit about it’s good to see you
baboon transcription say who wha that’s as much as I know maybe you never know
a hell of a day kinda greasy falls fails piles manure maneuvers am I all right
addict to communication without empathy sharp and aggressive edgy
gonna make an ant burn don’t talk too much gotta go lord in hell
what are you new in town no leftovers no hangovers no dead days
he sorta left em I sorta let em there’s never time building em up
guessing I’ll get around to knocking em down maybe but onward
tidy too tidy times ghetto grant murphy ghost shadow
stalking me or am I stalking it duck and weave maybe I’m the ghost
anonymous observer shadow fan bound to be a hiccup
a being that doesn’t breathe I’m on fire and who would live without this heat
drip drip away he’s got no ears maybe no nothing call it what you will
watch how you carry yourself jarring and scarring what exactly are you getting at
tonight we’re gonna jump we’re gonna get somewhere I go back and forth
settle into obscurity am I bad or worse double fisted putting off people
seemed I started something ended something ending than back to finishing no box sulking
but it’s around in a second blocked in killing time on the clock
even tomorrow could be better already talking to me same old new corner on the corner
think I’m too loud in my head out ain’t a habit out alien objective
trying to find that slouch a little foot in mouth but a lot of water and whatever
get a little low and outer out kept going on and on and on I’m here
ahead from behind stop it yeah it can be done you’re half right I’m half wrong
lets make a bet singular still silent got a lot of heads in my head feels good to be back
I never want to spend a 4 a.m. with you missile candle assholes get on a tear
transparent business nobody worse got bored real quick I can’t I started I stand
don’t stop the tap can’t hardly fathom comprehend digest no bass no beat
no ain’t of course dicks get here late first row we got good seats oops
we lost there goes the beat again now but with a bass wear the same clothes
can’t stand the starting can’t believe the make believe not much is breaking through
well done out of outpouring crawling around throughout winding down have it out
some more then some more more suprises more work ignoring what I can’t get done
clear head cold spurt tender intimate slow so much will pass enough alls in place
highing lowing taking meetings million dollar demands so tell me tell you what what’s next
know what this is go do good point A to point B discontent but no just doomed
demoed frying out fry out not time enough now to even
gave my whisky away another day another week waiting for the mansion
stuck behind a truck can’t drive on the grass trying to zero
maybe soon I will maybe maze millionth morning earlier than usual
don’t wanna pull nothing too tired alls all right out of the blue collar
anything can make you tired can’t listen to nothing mixed results so many peoples faces
I’m already full they’re adding up go to the grave I’ve established quite a hitch I’m in
I can be this I’m not afraid I’m afraid dissent full I’ve had about enough
for this for that for tit for tat did it and out right tips tounge enflamed
I ain’t playing that game it flies away but hey I threw it
into the windy winds still battling still burrowing forward
passing on the calendar easy esque pretty kinda hell pry kinda hard old bored and ignored
good days good nights ever off sign off catching up is the best tactic clearing it out
keep cleaning new this new that you know the drill things on their foreheads
sloppy but hey well don’t wanna be trapped in a pew take over inside force warm up
heading to fix I’m about to explode failed in such a way that I don’t mind failing
I can’t do it couldn’t do it and again not again resolved so new questions take it’s place
rifle through fireside war is won out of town dream big do a lot go go go
denting feelers sketched out so far some blank new old on new wrong plain wrong
common sense uncommon much sense not too much something’s got to win
sucked up too much oxygen not worth what I took it’s on you
write it off no commento cemento but I gotta be careful attack nothing
imagine if thinking was unaffected fucking fuck
can’t let it go shouldn’t a bullet low but you know feels good build a wall
taking five to decide stronger still peace please trying to wrap my head around it all
don’t have too much to give away beat up maybe baby drop out dive in not good
tired I suppose ducks not it a row tired of compromise why do we get together like this
new things live cause it’s easy no subliminal subconsciously maintaining
I don’t see so good been better been worse building foundations
starting to see above ground locked out out of luck my love has helped indeed
help hell save me being my head around my head in my head is my head
and heave is not a picnic cloud or solar system sponge chaos recycle lose identity
up to all good fighting I hope I hope to win or finish so close so far that’s about it
getting there hurting my hangover a little not all the time not all the time
hopefully moods stay up so mine can rest lead the tide people the pressure
right before and after expectation a minute of adjusting a little lull get on with it
wish I didn’t quirky gimmicks funky kooky dirty closet hmm shit no shit
didn’t really expect it hit every region softly turning
momentum on my side hold on improvements on the way it can always be there
I mustn’t listen settling not settling building settlements
supposed to double up so I spread out up and down weird time waiting
maybe our animals are flirting full and freeing tightening it all up just to let it loose
milling around or whatever mill some more I’m not sweating yet already was
folks know better leave me alone cause I’m alone next thing you know
never want it to end wrapping up a day of a million days
wrapping up a day of a million emotions well that’s what sticks
folks leave me alone cause I’m all in purple free and will be freer hope freely a hyper eye
am I full and now this a first wanna be what I am not happy
nothing past the point no nothing what’s to come on and on
you’ll never get to know me more of a curse than a blessing
sorry I don’t remember remember tunneling today alas cause a million endless but ahead
head take ease no free assholes colors coloreds go deeper don’t matter
don’t try anything can’t out there shoot it in a laser beams into the next building
you think I’m U E A I no A no no knowed now truth away
nay raining night oh now oh forever why must it always be so why
exactly childish but I am a child deluxe naked escape artist
no one gives a fuck I now know I’ve lost my mind let go
hurdles are present another full one catharsis time destroyer then a coo coo maniac
don’t want anymore but need to move around going hard going out doing good
to hell with it fruitless futile don’t worry I won’t bother you much longer
but a big couple again almost done get out quick get lucky wrong reigning
what else is new who knows somethings like that that’s that wait and see been waiting
first generation of end days tomorrow is not today so nothing got to goodbye
here to hang vacant vacuum don’t back down to yourself open mind is not an option
I don’t know what I give off get some give some nice but white but more or less
soon a what good thing trying to figure this puzzle out for years beaming smile screaming
real on blent in welcome some newness skipping pebbles into the ocean
celebrate celebrated on my way to leisure can’t complain SHOW YOUR WORK
eh ape out A on off out way whee wow za zay zay day de lux de lay day day A A
eap ape ape A A A


Bad news but try to keep moving
Bright side progress program
Fucking everything up
She zoomed right thru my blind spot
Cricket rhythms
Before electricity sittin sittin
Get this chase over with
Minds made up
To the water rushing off
Weight into outer space
No grabbing flying go figure
Unheld unhindered
I’m on my way out
I’m under gotta get over and loop
So outed all the time
It’s not going away
Dirty and worried guilty and itchy
Boy oh boy too stinky
Can’t beat em leave em

Soft tires no great way eliminate
Some good some bad ok
Hell this is way better
A little extra freer unlimited madness
Plate is too deep yeah
But only over again
Anti or failure everything’s going
Donation for space organismism
Whatever’s worse antsy for it
Relieve reloosen
Not bald enough
Nothing owns nothing too damn bad
Confidence and freedom
Confidence in freedom
Let go hell no the whole god manship
Anal atheist feels good liquor
Anticipate the letters never translate
Sentimental seni
Seni mental senile
Sounds like drugs fake fun not saying hi
Wonderful doozies hmm go home

The cop hates me mental trickle
Bunch of bullshit black brown water
Dumb foundless fucking Christ
I can’t do this
That takes too long
A lot a lot awful a lot too damn bad
Even health I forget
Remember tomorrow
Blur of a day
Don’t know how it happened
Almost all set more sweaty rainy
Don’t scratch party for the dead
You’ll grow the slowdown
Neither I do or do well
Never let me down by always being let down
Months of passion its about to valley
Get out far upsetting
The whole power pyramid
Wreck it or wreck me

Happy and arrange and dig display and hang
K.O. artist king freedom
The hinge off into something is ending
Time will open up things hard and fussy
Atomic dust at least settling
Getting deep and new now
It’s stronger when it budges
Didn’t breathe enough down here
Gotta run back up there
Couldn’t cant
Holy crop its non stop
Every night and every day
Hit it hard its happening
Behind from the future
Circles crossed out cross outs
But nothing yet
Nobody but nobody
All white on low light

I got the blues so bad
So bad I can’t see
I got the too bruised blues
Don’t know how to be
Wrapped up getting hibernate
Get your year done on time
Make a new mess
Happy warrior super over thought
No road no speed in em
Scary lonely meandery
Every town any town middle nowhere
These streets are theirs these streets are mine
It all jumping off a cliff
Air it out safe and sound
Complete alpha love
Try a little new thoughts now
Little beat down hell a nap
Sweat plus slur plus squint plus spit
Sweat plus spit plus squint plus slur
Plus splint slit squid piss plus

Up in the air and worse
Can’t win disappear
Til its clean and cleared
Before another war
Carve up and spread out
Nervous of allusion
Solution harder than the delusion
Can I borrow my way out
Really very sore but good
Things could lighten I really think so
Can’t make it out
Maybe sum up now
I got babies dancing to my music


Funny times trouble finishing it all takes too long
No learning no nothing I ain’t fucking with you fuck outta here
Forthright for right free for all coffee to keep lazy away
Just getting back to same old chicken no head with half a mind
Theory failure karmic waste dates and teeth apes and elephants
Gotta go out alone French exit I can’t think of a thing to do in New York City
Feeling good although maybe I shouldn’t so much on my brain
Need to drain gotta finish finish finish hot and soaked stoked make music til the mug shots
A lot of nitzos to prepare yourselves wildest wishes
And still I sit molding plotting killing all’s well Colin L
Cosby kills cash and cunt too much addict cacophony contest
Running hard scraping by getting there
Time loop time off time on time a little low and not high
Broke and no work raided expunged spent and spun
No fighting that peace cause no peace I wanna run a million ways at once
No titty control a different country I’m not hungry anymore good work kinda like hell
Unexciting but out of control drone keeping me same figuring out don’t work anyhow
Cant crank like I’d like but cranking I can’t take being crazy anymore
Leave lose all fours reign it out and reign it back
It’s my cup and it’s my life she’s my girl and she’s my wife that’s where I’m at
My point is getting there not getting back goodbye hinges random todays
I just cant sit here any longer I’m not growing old with you people
Weird wind would up wasted Joeled out Billy bliss aggressive pecker surly stupidity
I couldn’t handle making pink tonight a day of disappearing easy and eggs
I’m gonna make another minute til I make another minute another minute minute minute
Baby step the world baby steps to nowhere nothing touch me I’m not your family
Power angel so smooth you never worked outside wacky skeletons and stalactites
Always the same height post influence don’t wanna dive into destructiveness
Decipherer of all this despair I roll innocent for fear my life ascends
Conceived in assist freeze descent allergy provide unheralded failed commander repeat
Subdued dude termiknowledge thyself you made it made it outta vocab no you didn’t
Made it made it out of vocab no you didn’t egg shells are contagious don’t wanna look
Don’t wanna give no one can hurt me solve equation shushing voices
Don’t wanna lead don’t wanna follow out off on the mouse wheel mist
Dead all night money in the morning coocoo and tacky insane sky
Short breathed de-depress happy but heavy Pisces reprise
They’ll be panic gems to be found force create
I sound a little antsy but that’s who I am try to get thru this void drained and faded
Tired for no reason mellow dominoes it’s almost calming in its overwhelmingness
Pile ons are frequent and peel away too be the be’s scope should be complete
Disappear in a mirror paths to nooks wasting light
Pounce on tomorrow over sing over play give it all away
I’m not trying to sell you anything down in the earth
Mumbly stuck small minds agree but why not it’s free
I’m that guy run out of minutes running for the next couple hundred
Spray can of wormholes left out all in I am saying lots of goodbyes these days
Wanna drink that’s a man open telephone pole and all
Done and out new home run reflection wake up have fun
I gotta turn inside and pass on the juicy too much Cadillac
Wait is to come release and shift banging thru everything re-amp
White out history wearing no belt maybe I’ll find some money on the ground
Explore habitat have all the answers more head baby let’s play insane
Boy I hear your compressor muffled pages finger feather
I hope believe in me but more than that transparent but that’s O.K.
Very simple sorta almost caught up more merry less scary mess around with the mind
Maybe all maybes today salt in some nut job wound spit in some crazy eye
Blank planet opinionated in agreeance imagine amagine it’s magic
Life’s narrow knock it out change is good clear the joint send everyone out
Smoke sticks out big belly stacks all people free and from behind
New spaces will develop when return as is in little guys thorough and retarded
Hallelujah it’s a boy maybe money can fix it like staring at patterns
Synchronicity anti symmetry cemetery a-heartbeat
I got the Mendo I got the Mendo Blues


Find time remember now for now tore eyes better than blank
Old friends sober wins laughing everyone’s happy no food but water
Stay healthy smoke cautiously seize relief maybe life’s got you overwhelming
I gotta make it get this head off of me we had our moments bad bashful and alcohol
Many minds at once cancel each other don’t be stupid is the name of the game
Don’t be stupid is the bottom line don’t be stupid
Borderline system crash hold on health
Music is still suicide misunderstanding
Flailing naked fucking hard something defective inside of me
Unexcited stumbling dropping shit
I am self editor spieler scene stealer
Poet Laureate no mirror I couldn’t be clearer
I’ll bury the blips but I don’t do tricks
Coulda been cultivator but unleadable people
Waiting to trip up the journey razor blade whirlwind
Bundle of dichotomies your laugh still smells like acid
Gloriless worryless sleep
I want you to love yourself and I do
Chasing music will always be always be unremorsefully first